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Aug 182012

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Microsoft push the tablet PC?

Although Microsoft is in Los Angeles on 19 June activities for all a surprise, but the wind was leaked. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times and technology blog TechCrunch reproduces the message that Microsoft’s first independent brand tablet computer announced to the plan. Tablet PC

Rumors about the details of the below, this type of flat panel you start Windows 8 and ARM chips and RT and development cooperation, as well as the bookstore focus on the entertainment function.

Microsoft agreed not to defend further messages under, and last month in the First Financial Weekly, “Microsoft senior vice president of global zhang (the Po) in the interview, he also made clear that the company has no current Xbox hardware outside of the plan.

“This is a Microsoft traditional when become mainstream, since when investment products.” Zhang had said in the interview. has a strong research and development can strength and technical reserves This sentence is the background of Microsoft, to be able to briefly to rise in the new competitors in the head with a rock.

Obviously, in the apartment for the PC computer to achieve dramatic effect, thinks Microsoft them into the realm of time. On the other hand, if Balak bookstore collaboration with the rumors true-Microsoft will amazon (the Po) for the Kindle Fire attack, not to the position of the iPad. From iPad market share and Kindle Fire poor user experience for this orientation, or is pretty smart.

This is not the first time to do Microsoft flat. Microsoft had a chance before Apple tablet computer, but because of the conflict and the main business have innovative plan to early death. Before the iPad, Microsoft. had called two tablet computer programs A Courier, because it is user experience, but can not keep consistent with Windows and Office, in April 2010 called Ballmer;. different type of Windows on the head of the Department of Steven Sinofsky lead, but its introduction will have to wait until the right of the Windows system

At the moment the Windows version coming soon, Microsoft’s tablet PC is finally out. But it’s not the most powerful tablet computer configuration. apply Based on the Intel chips in Windows 8 tablet computer to touch the Metro interface can control with the traditional Windows desktop to switch to another, but ARM chips do not attempt such a facility. Tablet Android

This is more like a Microsoft, water, and what is more, this time the Apple iPad Launch already passed out of the two and a half year period. Besides Xbox whether those who broke the tablet computer programs, or even two months of the discontinued mobile phone Kin, Microsoft now let go of any successful hardware experience. published in the eye-catching Kinect after two years Microsoft also not yet fully established a software and hardware ecosystem.

So, rather than by the hardware in order to earn money, and Microsoft are more willing to sell over Windows for income These are attributed to the giants of traditional can, whether to attack the mobile platform, or to make her his ecological cycle, Microsoft has not strategy and ambitions changed.. for the operating system of the large proportion of standard and to implement hardware terminals to build the unified control This is Microsoft hardware OEM for Windows 8 to select the reason because Windows convenient 8 standard threaded development. in this opportunity to launch its own tablet computer, seems more like the Windows 8 at the end of the year for a pre-heated. tablet Android 4.0

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